Waste Management

My Recycle Ecopark will provide and construct the waste management facilities to treat the relevant waste and residue from the manufacturing activities, and these include a Waste Water Treatment Plant, Final Waste Reduction & Secured Landfill, and a Micro Plastic Management System

All used plastic recycling factory lots will have a specially constructed waste water piping system which will channel their waste water to a centralized treatment system.
The piping system will not allow any waste water into the perimeter drain and will treat the water to be reused in the manufacturing process
The Operators’ final waste residue will be put through our final waste reduction system. Any waste left after reduction will be safely disposed of at a secured landfill. The facility will have access to a secured landfill which will be managed efficiently and effectively throughout its lifespan. The landfill will be operated using an advance cell concept, reducing leachate generation while having leachate treatment facilities.
Tiny pieces of plastics as small as one to fifteen (1-15) microns may be produced from the shredded plastics as part of the plastic waste processing cycle and these may slip into the perimeter drains.
Their untreated release could lead to the possibility of marine life consuming the waste and eventually lead to the death of marine life such as fishes. This matter is a concern because the debris is small and can easily escape into drains and the river.
To prevent such slipping, we will have filters (membrane type) in every factory’s drainage system. On top of that, in every outlet to the main monsoon drain, a membrane filter will be installed to filter any solids into the drainage system to prevent microplastics from escaping.