My Recycle Ecopark is strategically located in the heart of Southeast Asia and is connected to the world’s busiest shipping lanes while providing ready to operate factory lots of various sizes in Tanjung Langsat Indsutrial Complex, 1km from port. The factories and facilities are developed and provided by the Master Developer, My Recycle Ecopark , to companies or entities to operate in the developed area specifically for the recycling of used plastic according to the requirements of Malaysian law.

Tenants will be provided with an international level facility management centre including international level Smart City systems integrating the facility’s centralized security, logistics, production, environmental control, utility management and other services. In addition, a centralized waste management center will be provided to monitor and ensure that all types of waste is treated, disposed properly and systematically.

This is to ensure that tenants not only operate at a reduced cost but also hassle free as My Recycle Ecopark manages the peripheral aspects of used plastic recycling on their behalf.

The Recycle Ecopark’s green and modern designed buildings will allow operators access to state-of-the-art Smart City systems and facilities which will allow operators to control their stock and inventories. The Smart City system will also be equipped with ambient pollution control. Operators will be able to access this system and control and monitor the emissions from their manufacturing process.
Being strategically located close to Tanjung Langsat Port, My Recycle Ecopark provides a range of services to keep the facility and its tenants in motion while being logistically connected to the surrounding region and beyond. Our dedicated logistics department offers services directly associated with our tenants’ operations and needs.
The Recycle Ecopark will have a dedicated logistic and administrative personnel available for clearing and forwarding operations on a 24/7 basis to serve the facility and associated tenants in respect to all sea, land and air consignments into Malaysia. MRESB has made partnerships with international freight forwarding companies ensuring that the equipment and materials needed by tenants, along with finished products can be received and dispatched both regionally and globally. MRESB will provide operators with handling and forwarding from the point of importation all the way to the operator’s factory, ensuring that all imported used plastic is received without hassle after port clearance.