Facilities & Utilities

My Recycle Ecopark will be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities managed and maintained by MRESB, guaranteeing that operators get to concentrate on manufacturing, worry free without hassle.

My Recycle Ecopark will provide sufficient electricity, water, a centralized steam system, internet and other utilities deemed essential for the used plastic recycling process.

My Recycle Ecopark’s own security department is responsible for 24/7 security to protect the interest of its tenants and equipment in the facility, equipped with the latest Smart City Systems. Control and monitoring of the facility’s entries and exits ensures that only authorised persons and consignments are permitted entry. The perimeter fencing is equipped with sophisticated surveillance CCTV cameras, reassuring tenants of a secured base. My Recycle Ecopark’s security also monitors the advance electronic fire and smoke control systems for the entire facility.
My Recycle Ecopark will be ISO 9001, OHSAS 18000 and ISO 14001 certified to meet global international standards. The commitment to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality in all respects assures our tenants, employees, customers that the environment in which we operate is managed systematically, is safe and environmentally sustainable.
There will be a fully equipped and state-of-the-art training and conference facility housed in the administrative building of My Recycle Ecopark. This is to ensure that all staff and personnel of both MRESB and operators are kept up to date with the lastest plastic recycling technology and techniques.
The facility will also endeavour to ensure that all staff and personnel within the facility are trained and kept to the highest level of competence.
My Recycle Ecopark will facilitate the application of worker permits for the workers and employees of all tenanted operators. This ensures that our operators can concentrate on production with an ease of mind.
Workers accommodation and hostels are available within 5km of My Recycle Ecopark. MRESB will help the facilitation of accommodation for workers.